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The guest can learn how to coordinate the pelvis muscles and the special exercises considering this area The concentrated exercises improves the efficiency

Learn, how to be a trainer in our school.
  • Come and have new experineces, knowledge and connections.
  • Learn from doctors and fitness professionals!
  • Have a new job!
  • In our school you will becoma a market-ready professional.


Do you like new challenges?
Do you follow the trend?
Do you like to be in the profession elit?
Have you ever thought about widening your guestlist?
Do you desire more in the financies also?

Then this is your team!



Your advantages as an Intimfitness trainer!

  • You can step out from the groovy timetable. /stepp, fat-loss/!
  • You give excitement, variety and you are representing a new trend!
  • You can hold classes everywhere the only thing you need is the knowledge (no additional tools are needed)!
  • Your guest list will be widened!
  • You can co-operate with doctors also. An excistencial change is waiting for you!
  • You will have greater financial stability!
  • Star trainers are outclassing you? Create a new area with introducing a new trend.


Choose Intimfitness!

  • Intimfitness in international sporteducation is a new and unique training trend!
  • You are building a new carrier by learning the professional Intimfitness training!
  • This highly classes education system provides highly classed knowledge for the trainers, with special knowledges in the profession /eg.: Body and mind improvement, training of the pelvis' bottom, special built-shaping, relaxation technics, preparing for child delivery, pilates, streching/ and with clinical majors /eg.: Urology, Gynecological, Proctology, Sexual psichology, Conduct-style/ By this we teach how can you create a new lifequality.
  • By teaching Intimfitness the Intimgymnastics, becomes part of prevention and engages it's true position.
  • This wave creates the bridge between sport and health!
  • The Intimfitness trainers belong to their profession's elit, whom with their knowledge help the works of doctors.
  • The education's high quality is guarateed by famous doctors and trainers.
  • Efficient study in little groups with profession notes.
  • There is a huge need for a well trained Intimfitnnes trainer's work.


Interview with Ildi Gottlieb:
Interjú Gottlieb Ildi Intimfitness trénerrel az ATV műsorán




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